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Raximo B2B Portal

For dealers who want to configure brake and clutch levers or lever guards at the counter, we have created a portal only for Raximo. This has a neutral interface and is connected to your dealer account.

We are happy to provide you with advertising material such as flyers, counter displays, colour sample boards, etc. For more information, please contact us by phone or email.

Contact - Sales

Vetrieb MTP-Racing Lutz Köhn

Herr Lutz Köhn

Dealer hotline: +49 1520 9108434

Email: lutz@mtp-racing.de

Vetrieb MTP-Racing Lutz Köhn

Herr Bruno Lehndorfer

Dealer hotline: +49 1522 8365668

Email: bruno@mtp-racing.de

We are available for you from Mo-Fr from 8:00-17:00.